Custom Portraits


What is the perfect gift for a family member friend of loved one? What could be better than a unique work of art depicting a special time or memory of their former selves? A reminder of happier times...of days gone by...memories are priceless! 

Imagine the look of surprise on their face when they see their special moment in time captured in an a 11" x 14" or larger piece of art. It is a gift they will cherish forever and one that will last a lifetime. 

All you need is a photo to produce this wonderful gift which will be done by Artist Larry Miller, rendered in Charcoal or Pastel. Add the frame of your choice to add that special touch. 

Call Us for pricing information on the media and size of your choice...prices starts at $450.


 (picture shows 11" x 14" portrait done in charcoal...Portraits are done on white paper, not colored as the picture shows)


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